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LIVE LEAP REVIEW – How to use Facebook live stream effectively?

Live Leap Review


Hey, welcome back to my site , this is the Live Leap Review. In this review, I plan to give you the best review of Live Leap Review. And, you will be surprised at what this Live Leap can do for us and how this Live Leap effect on our work result.

This LiveLead is related to the Facebook Live – the newest live streaming tool. There is no doubt that Facebook will be the most effective tool for marketing. If you think that Facebook was useful for you, you are right and now you can see this is really powerful.

In this Live Leap Review, you can see more about this Live Leap. Here is it.


Vendor Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison
Product Live Leap
Launch Date 2016-06-08
Launch Time 09:00 EDT
Front-End Price $97
Niche Social Media
JV page Click here 


You can know that the Facebook is now the largest social network in the world with the highest amount of users. The latest function of this Live Leap is that this Live Leap can share the live calls that you want to a place only. The place can be either Facebook profile, fan page or group. When you finished the publication of the live stream that you have had in a place, you ought to share it all over manually because there is no tool that can automatically do this.

Live Leap is the cloud-web based software. This can syndicate the live streams across thousands of accounts the time you are live. Live Leap is the first tool that can be tested by Facebook. The syndication can consist of the Facebook profile, the Facebook accounts, and even LinkedIn profile. This tool also integrates with Twilio – the tool allows you to send the text message to all the followers. You can subjectively send the mail to the list of followers so that they can know you go live and see it immediately.

This Live Leap also has the feature of owning the analytics. Analytics will be integrated. This can let the users know where the participants came from. And who will really attend this? All the data will assist you to better your live streams in the future.

Key features of this Live Leap

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The world’s first Facebook Tool

This is the world’s first Facebook tools that approved to syndicate The live Feed through Facebook.

Whenever you are live, Live Leap will up the live feed directly to the fan pages, profiles and Facebook group that are chosen instantly. This ensures that you can get the most number of viewers when they are on live.

Syndicate the live feed across social networks.

Live Leap can be directly accessed with Twitter and LinkedIn to make sure the social networks could see you live.

Live Leap is the world’s first email and SMS Facebook integration

Whenever you are live, then you may have Live Leap that can send an email to your total email list. This is to let them know that you go live and the topics of the conversation will be also updated.

Tracked the analytics and performance

This Live Leap is like webinars, people access and then go. Live Leap is the oldest software that presents you the most encouraging parts of your live. You can do this in the future so that your subscribers can remain on the live event.


Totally Cloud-based software

You can easily select your pages and social networks Live Leap. This Live Leap can trigger Live Leap in the cloud, then all the works will be done for you.

Monetize the live calls immediately

The software Live Leap can easily profit you with the best amount of money. This tracks those who get engaged with the live calls that you have published.

FB Live Training

This Live Leap includes an in-depth training sector. Insides, Luke, and Anthony will teach you what you need. All the knowledge related to the Facebook’s live streaming tool as well as the way to use Live Leap so as to bring the best benefits for you.

What are included in this Live Leap?

  • Main product – Live Leap
  • You will get the FIRST stream
  • There is Facebook profile syndication
  • There is Facebook GROUP syndication
  • You can also get FULL Facebook LIVE training course

Besides, you can get a lot of other things that can be attached when you buy or down this Live Leap.

Why should you buy this Live Leap?

This is the effective product that can help you work better in the marketing process. You can learn how to make money easily through this Live Leap as well as how to apply it successfully in the time of getting this Live Leap.

The price of this Live Leap is just nearly $300. If you think you need this product, you should not miss this chance.


Live Leap Review – Conclusion

This is the full LiveLeap Review about the product whose name is Live Leap. Hope that you can see this Live Leap powerful and get that this is right the tool you need at this time of being marketers.

If you are the ones who have a Facebook account, you can see it useful and want to use the Facebook’s live streams to start with it now.

Thank you for reading this Live Leap Review. If you want to comment on this Live Leap Review, leave it here .

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